Faces of Abducted Canadian Children – ABDUCTED: Aleksander Nowacki
Canada iCHAPEAU Law Act - Faces Abducted Missing Canadian Children – ALEKSANDER NOWACKI
ABDUCTED from CANADA to POLAND - Aleksander Grzegorz Nowacki
Grzegorz Nowacki is a member of the iCHAPEAU Association. Grzegorz Nowacki is a Canadian citizen with Polish heritage and father of Aleksander Nowacki, who was born in Toronto Canada.
Aleksander Grzegorz Nowacki, was abducted in May 2011 by his mother, Elzbieta Kozieł Nowacki with help with her relatives while on vacation in Poland.
Grzegorz Nowacki believes that Elżbieta Kozieł Nowacki came to Canada and entered into marriage in bad faith to take advantage of the Canadian system. Her intention from the beginning may have been motivated to make quick foreign money and take advantage of a Canadian citizen to get control of his assets. Elżbieta Kozieł Nowacki returned to Poland, tried strip the father, Grzegorz Nowacki, of his parental rights using the Polish Court System and did not disclose the Polish Courts the fact that there was an Ontario Court Order for Custody for Aleksander Nowacki already issued. 
The biological father, Grzegorz Nowacki, has been awarded Final Sole Custody of his son by the Ontario Superior Court on September 11, 2012. 
Prior to the final custody the father has interim custody of his son since October 2011. The Ontario Courts authorized the Royal Canadian mounted Police (R.C.M.P.) and Ontario Provincial Police (O.P.P.) to apprehend the child and deliver the child to his father Grzegorz Nowacki.
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CBC NEWS - Two Canadian Fathers Fighting Poland to Return Abducted Canadian Children
The mother, Elzbieta Koziel Nowacki continue unlawfully detain my son Aleksander Nowacki in Poland contrary to the Ontario Court Order. In fact the mother was also found in Contempt of Ontario Court Orders for disobeying Court Order.
Grzegorz Nowacki is still fighting in the Polish courts for the return of his Canadian son back to Canada. Like so many other left behind parents in the same situation around the world, he feels like he is doing it alone with not only dealing with his metal anguish of not being able to see his own child but also being burden with huge costs of paying for courts, lawyers and translations.
Poland has a long history of non-compliance when returning abducted children through the “Hague Convention On The Civil Aspects Of International Child Abduction” which is why Grzegorz believes that the only way Polish Government will comply to the Hague Convention is if the Canadian government helps to enforce treaties that Poland or other nations are signatories to bring back home Canadian citizens.
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